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Knowall IT Private Cloud computing

Is cloud computing the way of the future or is there still value in maintaining on-site servers and server rooms which are dedicating to maintain the status quo? Knowall IT offers a perspective on cloud computing from their experience offering … Continue reading

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Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors

While Lodge Brothers Funeral Directors have been operational since 1780, it is fair to say that there have been some changes in the way that funerals are held since the 18th Century and so too has the nature of what … Continue reading

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Lodge Brothers Legal Services: Lasting Power of Attorney

Your Legal Power of Attorney, referred to as an LPA, is a document which anyone over the age of 18, with full mental capacity, can have drawn up with the goal of appointing an attorney, or a legal firm, to … Continue reading

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Non-invasive and complimentary to any allopathic treatment

During the last number of years, it has been acknowledged more than ever that there is a connection between mental and physical well-being and that mental well-being is just as important as physical well-being. Mental health issues have been on … Continue reading

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Raising marquees to greater heights

When people come to DIY Marquees for the first time, with the goal of starting up their own marquee business, we are always thrilled to provide advice based on our own experiences of being in the marquee business. Those who … Continue reading

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A companion service worth trying!

It’s the usual cold and damp day and it has been a long week. The weekends are supposed to be for relaxing and fun so that you can attain the ever-elusive work-life balance. Not being someone who has a particular … Continue reading

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Road Tanker Equipment

Our mission at IBS is to “keep the clients operation moving via astute advice, efficient service and technical excellence”. The way in which we can consistently maintain our mission is through our everyday attention to the needs of those who … Continue reading

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